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Working with the Royal Opera House

Our founder and director Emma has become an Associate Artist with Chance to Dance - the Learning and Participation department of the Royal Opera House.

Chance to Dance gives primary school children from across the country, who do not have access to ballet / live in areas facing numerous disadvantages, their first opportunity to engage creatively with ballet, connecting closely with the inspirational repertory, choreographers and dancers of The Royal Ballet.

With its 27-year track record for excellence, Chance to Dance is now building a national presence and being the catalyst for systemic change in who has access to ballet and the opportunity to train professionally.

Chance to Dance is now coming to Newcastle and Emma will be one of the associate artists delivering the program.

Always striving to offer the best dance and performing arts training to children and young people in our area Emma believes this to be an excellent opportunity to create access to dance and ballet to young people who do not have the opportunity at present. She also believes it will further develop her own skills to be able to train dancers and our team at Buzz to offer an even higher level of training at our studios.

How exciting!

If you’d like to know more about Chance to Dance take a look at this trailer:

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